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The Slippery Slope of Chair Lift Diplomacy

First, North Korea got the rebuff from Austrian firm Doppelmayr, the world’s leading provider of chair lift and cable car technology for alpine ski sorts. Then, it was the turn of French company POMA to just say “non” to the country’s Masik Pass needs.


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Robert Park Continues to Write, Sing About ‘Forgotten Genocide’

At press time, two people have cast a “thumbs down” vote on YouTube for former U.S. North Korean detainee Robert Park‘s new music video “Indifference.” I’m not sure how that’s possible, but then again, those two thumbs-down also represent a key aspect of non-North Korean society: freedom of speech.


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A Fresh Batch of Stories from North Korea’s Most Famous Sushi Chef

For the briefest of moments earlier this week, Kenji Fujimoto‘s interview with GQ magazine was online. But evidently, this was the result of a premature mistake on the part of some Web employee as the article was quickly pulled back down until it can properly follow the arrival of the June print edition.


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Kim Jong-un Continues to Take a Page from The Donald

It suddenly hit me the other day: Kim Jong-un is Donald Trump. He brands everything with his name; likes to shout “You’re a sea of fire!” across the DMZ conference table at South Korea; and everything about him, in the celebrity-leader culture of the DPRK, screams apprentice.


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No Sign of Dennis Rod-mun on NBA Hall of Famer’s Official Website

The webmaster for Dennis Rodman‘s official website is missing a golden opportunity. As media the world over continue to wrestle with The Worm‘s recent visit to North Korea, the News section on at press time is woefully out of date.


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