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Yearning for an Oprah Tweet

In the past week and a half, the national and international print media have dramatically ratcheted up their coverage of the Laura LingEuna Lee situation. It began with an article in the Monday, May 11th international editions of @WSJ and was followed just a few hours later by the release from Iran of imprisoned freelance journalist Roxana Saberi.

On the other hand, the amount of U.S. network and cable TV coverage of the LingLee situation remains scant. Save for a few vocal champions such as MSNBC’s @Maddow, news programs and even daytime talk shows with strong ties to Laura’s sister @LisaLing (e.g. @TheViewTV, @Oprah) have remained silent. That needs to change.

With a June 4th Pyongyang trial looming and summer’s first big holiday
weekend just around the corner, now is the time for as many Americans as possible to be motivated to act. A “Hot Topic” discussion on The View of how people can make their voices heard with regards to the LingLee situation could do wonders.

Or, barring that, how about a tweet along the same lines via @TheViewTV and-or @Oprah Twitter pages?

We’re not suggesting that the Fox News Channel turn the detainment of two American citizens in North Korea into a daily opportunity to bash @BarackObama. But at this very critical juncture, a more prominent mix of Laura LingEuna Lee focused TV reporting would help educate and inspire the masses.


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  1. liberatelaura says:

    Even better than a tweet.

    On the Thursday, May 21st broadcast of @TheViewTV, mention was made of the Laura Ling-Euna Lee 5/21 New York City candlelight vigil, being held from 6:00 to 8:00 pm across from Rockefeller Center.

  2. Spelunker says:

    Doug Ling justs says “no” to FOX News (July 25):

    Ling’s father, Douglas Ling, refused to speak with about his daughter’s imprisonment, but a friend of Laura’s said she worried Ling and Lee’s story would soon be forgotten.

    “My fear is as the time goes longer with them over there … that this is going to be pushed aside,” said Takoa Stathem, who noted that it has been over a month since any word on their condition has come in from North Korea.,2933,534822,00.html

    • liberatelaura says:

      Yes, saw that article. Certainly, if the current “delicate” Ling-Lee negotiations reported by @Chosun_Ilbo on 7/20 grind to a halt, Laura’s friend’s fears could be realized.

  3. Spelunker says:

    Doug Ling says “no” to FOX News, but 2 days later his wife Mary Ling says “yes” to Radio Free Asia reporter in Los Angeles! Here’s a link to the interview on July 27:

    Here is a portion of the interview (English translation by Spelunker):


    Mary Ling: “There is nothing especially new to report. Our family is writing letters every day to Laura, but we have only received one letter from her via the Swedish ambassador to North Korea.


    Mary Ling: Laura has been detained in North Korea for over 4 months. During that time I have only received one letter and one brief phone call.


    Reporter: Are the Swedish diplomatic officials in North Korea not able to visit Laura and Euna any longer?


    Mary Ling: The Swedish diplomats have gone to see them a total of 4 times, but they haven’t had any new information.

    • liberatelaura says:

      She has spoken to RFA before; interesting, maybe she knows someone there. Sounds like any postcards, etc. to Laura-Euna are getting backlogged.

  4. DAVID BAILEY says:

    Attached you will find a link to an original song and video called OPRAH: Let Love Lead The Way. . . (DRAFT – Awaiting for Permissions) that I would like gave to Oprah. After she views the video and listens to the lyrics I’m quite sure that she would be pleased. Out of respect and professional consideration I have only shared this piece with a few personal friends. And frankly their responses and feedback on it have been sincerely positive. Naturally I am proud of this composition and would love to share it with the world. Therefore I would like to obtain the proper permissions to use the images used in the video in order to be able to publish it on the web (Youtube).

    Private link to Video:

    Once you go to the link you will find a letter addressed to Oprah that is located on the left side of the screen (where the owner details are located). I have worked on this musical/video piece for many months after hearing about her desire to conclude her show and I surely hope that it is “Actually delivered to and shared with Oprah (herself).”

    I appreciate your valuable time and trust that this musical piece will actually be shared with Oprah.


    David Bailey

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