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Pondering @NYTimesKristof’s Question

In the shadow of this afternoon’s Laura LingEuna Lee vigil in Chicago and four more candlelight gatherings tonight in New York, Los Angeles, Portland and Orlando, the matter of two @Current journalists detained in North Korea since March 17th (without certain contingencies guaranteed by international human rights charters) has yet to ignite the media consciousness. But how is that even possible, given that we’re talking about two – innocent – female – American – citizens, hijacked nine – weeks – ago in the middle of a legitimate – reporting – assignment?

Or, as @NYTimesKristof tweeted this morning: “Why hasn’t North Korea‘s imprisonment of U.S. journalists, e.g. @LiberateLaura, provoked more concern?” The only prominent U.S. journalist to be in lock-step with @NYTimesKristof is @MSNBC’s @Maddow, who last night interviewed @GovRichardson about Ling and Lee.

So what gives? Is the lack of convenient access to talking-head family members and Current TV folks leading TV show producers at places like @kingsnthings to move on to another topic? Does the media believe that a muted M.O. best serves the back channel approach being employed by the State Department? Probably, and who cares?

It’s time for the U.S. broadcast media to embrace the moral outrage articulated by @NYTimesKristof and many other followers @LiberateLaura, and get on this story. Heck, tonight’s New York vigil will be taking place directly in front of Rockefeller Center, a.k.a. the U.S. news media’s number one namesake nerve center, the place where everyone from @anncurry to @jimmyfallon to Brian Williams to @datelinenbc’s Chris Hansen earn their keep.

So c’mon, Rockefeller reporters… This is a great story that you can cover without cab fare. As we grind on towards the dreaded date of a June 4th LingLee trial, we – frankly – need your help.


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