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Lifting the Veil of Privacy

I’ve been very careful @LiberateLaura not to mention, other than by way of the tweets and public appearances of @lisaling, those family members and loved ones who are suffering most through this interminable Laura LingEuna Lee ordeal. Mainly because I am not, as a mere “Twitter acquaintance” of @lauraling, in a position to either take that liberty or bear such a personal message.

But yesterday, under the May 21st-created account name blingling213, a deeply personal three-and-a-half minute video montage was uploaded to YouTube. Titled “Remember Laura Ling and Euna Lee” (and, because of copyright issues, temporarily at press time without audio), the piece reaches into the photo albums of both families to show Euna’s husband Michael Saldate, the couple’s four-year-old daughter Hana, Laura’s significant other Iain Clayton, the Lings‘ stoic father Doug, and so on.

Even without sound, the experience of watching this video is heart wrenching; images such as those of a Lee family vacation at Hearst Castle juxtapose in the mind with thoughts of she and Ling mired in Pyongyang, ahead now of a June 4th trial (the notion that the pair are reportedly being “well treated” matters not). Evidently, the Ling and Lee families have decided to “go public” in this still-discrete way, and by doing so, they are replacing the grainy LingLee close-up split photo that has been a de facto online attachment.

At this critical, pre-trial juncture, the families are applying vivacious, loved, loving faces (and resplendent smiles) to “Laura Ling” and “Euna Lee,” hoping perhaps to jolt the public consciousness. More critically, they are sharing images that can be used by the broadcast media to support a story that a great majority of our national outlets have yet to properly cover.

[To watch “Remember Laura Ling and Euna Lee“, click here.]


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