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Channeling That Vigil Spirit

Tonight, there are Laura LingEuna Lee candlelight vigils in New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Birmingham, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Toronto. But what can I do, have asked @LiberateLaura Twitter direct messager senders  who live in non-vigil adjacent cities and towns. Here’s your answer:

1) Sign the families-sponsored petition. At press time, this living-breathing document, with signatories from all over the world and various messages of hope, anger and befuddlement, was at just over 7,000 signatures. The URL is:

2) Per follower @HyattBass’ suggestion, beginning at 6 pm tonight, ET, and continuing on through the rest of the evening your time, you can take part in a “Twitter vigil.” How? By simply adding the hashtag #liberatelaura to any of your evening tweets. Who knows, maybe the term will make it into Trending Topics (a longshot). Regardless, you will be powering some much appreciated Twitter karma.

3) Light a candle, wherever you are. For example, you can place one on the dinner table and, if you are so inclined, add extra emphasis by speaking out a brief freedom wish for these two journalists, tormented now by nearly three months of solitary confinement and facing an almost certain guilty verdict at their June 4th Pyongyang trial.

4) Click away tonight from your usual Internet destinations and watch one of Laura Ling’s great documentaries @current. The URL is:
(first Google search result for “laura ling”)

5) Meditate positive LingLee vibrations and send them in the general direction of the Korean Peninsula. Per Laura’s May 15th letter, this is a big part of how she has tried to get through each tortuous day.


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