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Send in the Governator?

@AlGore and @GovRichardson are certainly both well qualified to go to North Korea on behalf of the U.S. government to try and negotiate the pardon-release of detained American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. But another possibility popped into my head this morning while answering a tweet from @tacet4ever. What about @schwarzenegger?

True, the Governor of California does not have extensive foreign relations or diplomacy experience. Nor am I trying to suggest capitalizing on any echo of the fictitious scenarios he once made $20 million enacting (though how I wish he could travel back in time to March 16th and counsel Lee, Ling and their cameraman Mitch Koss to abort their next-day trip to the border).

No, the reasons @schwarzenegger might prove a uniquely valuable choice are threefold:

1) As sitting Governor of one of the world’s top economies, he has the requisite stature;

2) Because he is a “fresh face” choice, he also represents possibly in the eyes of the North Koreans a more emblematic reflection of the seriousness of the U.S. government;

3) Kim Jong-il is (still, presumably) crazy for Hollywood movies.

The catch-22 of the U.S. taking a new, tough stance against North Korea vs. initiating bilateral negotiations on behalf of these two journalists is a serious and very complicated challenge. But given that we have reached a humanitarian crisis point, and assuming that a set of mutually acceptable ground rules can be established for these discussions, the man from Lisa and Laura Ling’s hometown – Sacramento, CA – should perhaps be considered. (And if I’m way off on this – e.g. Schwarzenegger‘s lack of subject matter experience outweighs all other considerations – so be it.)

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2 Responses

  1. cpvern says:

    Heckuva idea. However, I’d add that they offer to send in Sean Connery. Lil’ Hitler loves his Bond movies and Connery may get him to free them for a simple autograph.

    Send in Connery!

  2. Spelunker says:

    Schwarzenegger will make an appearance at the Sacramento vigil tonight. Hopefully any loyal LiberateLaura followers who attend will remember this suggestion and ask Arnold if he would accompany Al Gore on an amnesty mission.

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