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Even in countries governed by free will, people choose to believe the strangest things; think Charles Manson, L. Ron Hubbard and Bernie Madoff. But the great misfortune of Laura Ling and Euna Lee is that on March 17th, they wandered into the world’s largest Kool Aid kingdom, a place where false deity Kim Jong-il seizes every opportunity to indoctrinate his subjects with a deep, dark hatred of America.

A chilling example of early brainwashing was relayed on The Daily Show June 30th by refugee savior and author Mike Kim. He explained that a typical math problem for a North Korean elementary school child might go something like this: “If one hand grenade kills two Americans and another hand grenade kills three Americans, how many total Americans were killed?”

A day later, during an interview with Aaron Brown for the July 1st season debut of @PBSWideAngle, human rights expert Debra Liang-Fenton recalled a female North Korean refugee who at one time believed that a person’s hands could rot if they came into contact with air-dropped U.S. freedom pamphlets.

The average North Korean has little or no knowledge of the LingLee case. But for Kim Jong-il and deity-in-training Kim Jong-un, who personally oversaw the arrest and interrogation of the two Current TV journalists, the parading of evil Yankees seeking to “slander” their country’s good name is an equally useful way to keep higher-ups toeing the military hard line.

As such, the fate of Ling and Lee is no different from that of the North Korean factory manager who was publicly executed in 2007 for making an international phone call. Or the thousands of starving citizens sentenced to years of hard labor for doubting the wisdom of their Dear Leader.

When these two journalists crossed the Tumen River in the pre-dawn hours of a Tuesday morning, they unwittingly traded the real-world assignment of exposing a false prophet for the fantasyland function of feeding his fear-based Godliness.


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  1. Spelunker says:

    Breaking news! A blonde journaliste in Sacramento is exclusively reporting that China and Korea are now at war! (Like, oh my god!)
    There is a conflict going on between the two countries (China-Korea War!) and that led to the refugee problem which Laura and Euna were sent to cover!
    You have to see it to believe it:

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