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Crappy Birthday, Kim Jong-un! sounds more like a Beltway gossip hub than an online meeting place for South Korean hackers. But it is on that ROK website, today, that some are taking credit for the mother of all hacks against pro-North Korea Twitter, YouTube and website accounts.

News of an across-the-board, Kim Jong-un birthday-timed swarm, first broken by Yonhap News and then quickly picked up by yours truly and others like NPR Beijing correspondent Louisa Lim, detailed some delicious specifics: tweets glorifying nuclear proliferation and high-priced partying; an NK website picture (before the URL was shut down) of the Dear Leader bowing to his Chinese sugar daddies; and a two-minute South Park style animation spoof on the Uriminzokkiri YouTube channel (pictured) depicting the heir apparent mowing down North Koreans by means of a fancy, imported sports car.

Papa-son's got a brand new bag of tricks

What made this hack all the more effective is that it went down against the backdrop of very limited celebrations in North Korea to mark Kim Jong-un‘s January 8th birthday. The crew pretty much have today’s Peninsula pissing match headlines to themselves, with much more media glory to come through the weekend concerning their offensive against the North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland.

As the Washington Post‘s East Asia correspondent Chico Harlan so rightly put it, the major fallout within North Korea for today’s hijinks will concern those in Pyongyang directly linked to the operation of these recently launched pro-NK Twitter, YouTube and website addresses. If the jokers are looking for their next target, I say wait a couple of weeks and then launch an imaginary Twitter page showing tweets posted by Worker’s Party scapegoats, from the Yodok concentration camp.


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