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North Korea: Best Live Action Short

With the exception of the African nation of Eritrea, Guantanamo Bay solitary and perhaps a few other places, it’s hard to beat North Korea as a locale where tonight’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards will have ZERO resonance.

Nevertheless, the Hermit Kingdom still has the makings of its own Best Short (Live Action) category thanks to sites like Funny or Die and YouTube. The nominees for “Best Send-Up of Kim Jong-il in a Comedy Skit” are:

Rex Lee
The Adoption Agency

Danny Cho
Kim Jong-il and Peggy on EHarmony

Timothy Delaghetto
Hulk Hogan vs. Kim Jong-il

For what it’s worth, the guy playing Hulk Hogan is the funniest of all, and gets extra points for rhyming Laura Ling with Beijing. But as far as the three fake Kim‘s are concerned, Lee gets my vote.


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