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Easter Bunny Hops Right Over North Korea

It’s certainly one of the least monumental aspects of suffering in North Korea. Still, because of the persecution of Christians and religious intolerance in the country, two of childhood’s most prized fabrications – the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus – do not get propagated there.

In fact, if Santa Claus were to ever visit North Korea, he would probably only be allowed down the chimneys of the Dear Leader and associated North Korean elite. As far as the Easter Bunny is concerned, forget about hiding chocolate eggs in the countryside. Starving citizens searching for grass would find them long before the young ones, and any left over might be forcibly divided among citizens of all ages.

We laugh at the Kim dynasty brainwashing of its populace, but in one sense, their magical lore is the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus perpetuated right through adulthood. Although the respective end goals are very different (support a corrupt regime, support a consumerist version of the holidays), Kim Jong-il shooting a 38 under par single round of golf is about as ridiculous as the idea of a bearded old man working with elves and delivering final products worldwide in a single night, via reindeer sled.

Kim Il Sung‘s magical birthday hold on North Korea comes along each year just after our annual Easter celebrations. If you can remove yourself for a moment from the horrific misery of life in the ravaged country, it’s fascinating to wonder about the faux legends kids there are taught to believe in.

For these future peons, Kim Il Sung and now Kim Jong-il are the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy all wrapped into one. Except in the case of the Dear Leader, their false idol gets to keep the chocolate eggs, presents and all under-the-pillow found currency.


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