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The Seventh Coming of Kim Jong-il

The Rapture may have been a bust this weekend, but North Korea‘s “Crapture” is alive and well. As a result, Kim Jong-il has journeyed across the border to China for the seventh time, hoping to glean a strong tip here and prosperous bit of know-how there.

The South Korean and western media routinely get things wrong about North Korea, for obvious reasons. In 2008-09, Kim Jong-il was reported to be on his deathbed, tail spinning from a stroke and-or kidney disorder.

Kim Jong-il, August 2009 and May 2011

Meanwhile, this past Friday, when a fortified train crossed the border from North Korea into China in the early morning hour, it was a media-given that the leader on that train was Kim Jong-un. A source today tells the Joong Ang Daily that this was indeed the original plan, before the idea was nixed by China‘s power elite.

If you or I could freely travel through the rural towns and prison camps of North Korea, we would likely get a tangible and horrifying sense of what the Rapture might feel like, but with an even crueler twist. Although the 24 million plus residents of the country are firm believers in the divinity of Kim Jong-il, only a lucky few ever get to ascend to a better place.


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  1. Eighth, not seventh. See my forthcoming article at 38North. (The source linked doesn’t seem to say 7th either, although others do.)

    Aidan FC

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