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Kim Jong-un Makes Like Heidi Montag

In November 2009, reality TV show star Heidi Montag went under the knife for ten different plastic surgery procedures in one day. It was, she insisted, all part of her effort to become the “best of me.”

Around the same time, the next leader of North Korea reportedly submitted to a somewhat more modest battery of six plastic surgery procedures. Only in the case of this twentysomething fake-reality star, the goal was to become the best of Grandpa.

February, 2011

It’s not clear if Young Son’s nips and tucks were also performed within the space of a single day (unlikely). However, the source of this fascinating info– Open Radio for North Korea President Hae Tae-kyoung–insists the details of these operations were gleaned from top-level sources:

“Half the procedures were designed to make his face resemble Kim Il Sung and half were intended to give him the same profile,” Tae-kyoung said…

Kim Jong-il‘s former chef Hujimoto Kenji couldn’t even recognize Kim Jong-un as the young man he knew in Jong-un‘s schooldays.

Jong-un allegedly had all the work done before his first public appearance last September. As to the domestic and-or foreign surgeon(s) who were enlisted to perform the doppel-grandpa deeds, chances are they subsequently met with a fate similar to that of Montag‘s Beverly Hills doc Frank Ryan, minus the tragically accidental circumstances.

[Photo courtesy Xinhua]


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3 Responses

  1. Victoria Hudgins says:

    I guess it’s as good a reason as any to alter your appearance. Here in the states we idolize celebrities, politicians, etc., who have gone under the knife so many times they look like Dr. Mengele has been experimenting on them. (See
    Do you think the good doctors transplanted a soul into body of the heir apparent? Probably not.
    Happy 4th, Richard!

  2. Shedden says:

    Very interesting details you have mentioned, thank you for putting up. “Whatever one man is capable of conceiving, other men will be able to achieve,” by Jules Verne.

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