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A New Concept for North Korea: User-Generated Multimedia Content

Today’s date—August 14th, 2011—may resonate in future years as a watershed mark. That’s because it is the day that North Korea supposedly allowed its citizens to start sharing digital, user-generated multimedia content on the country’s official website. That’s right: the DPRK is now open to strongly and prosperously filtered UCC (user-created content).

Granted, the link added today to the right-hand side of the country’s official website will not be a gateway to shocking hand-held footage of North Korea‘s labor camps. Rather, the video and photo contributions authored by students and other citizens are in keeping with the main media message. But it’s a start.

Along with the new UCC link, Uriminzokkiri has also enabled its website for Smartphones as of August 15th. So, in yet another technology milestone for this very late adopter, North Korea‘s growing ranks of cell phone users can now be reminded of how great Kim Il Sung was-is, while on the go.

Uriminzokkiri‘s website remains blocked in neighboring South Korea, meaning that the home base of Samsung Smartphones cannot check out the North’s fledgling UCC efforts. Which is too bad, because the initial batch of UCC content is intriguing. Not to mention very female-centric.

There’s some bizarre video of a group of women motor-boating down the center of Pyongyang, pointing out split-screened tourist attractions. There’s also a girl at a piano, some dancing women from the annual Arirang Festival, and snippets from an amusement park. In each and every case, the UCC is miraculously in tune with the principles of North Korean propaganda.

[Uriminzokkiri: UCC]


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