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Time for Some North Korean #Linsanity?

It’s no secret that Kim Jong-il and successor Kim Jong-un were-are huge NBA fans. Now that a player of Chinese-Taiwanese lineage is tearing it up in the only city with U.S.-based North Korean diplomats, is there a bargaining chip to be considered here?

Stranger things have happened. Of course, there’s no reason for Jeremy Lin to get involved in any Korean Peninsula craziness. But if Kim Jong-un via KCNA indicated that his only pre-condition for restarting Six-Party Talks was a personally delivered (stateside) autographed jersey and basketball from the New York Knicks point guard, might the Harvard grad be amenable to dribbling up United Nations way?

For the moment, the closest thing to a Young Son direct line is the Twitter account @KimJongNumberUn. By that measuring stick, we’re already almost there:

The LinUn connection is all over the covers of the February 27th issue of TIME magazine. Beyond that, the additional hashtag shared in the middle tweet above should become a go-to term for more serious North Korea watchers. It doesn’t get much more succinct and accurate than #Kimsanity.

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