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Three ‘Chukbae’ for North Korea’s First European Restaurant

It’s not quite as momentous as the decision to defiantly launch a satellite to commemorate the 100th birthday of Kim Il Sung. But the recent opening of North Korea‘s first officially sanctioned restaurant in Europe is still cause for some DPRK celebration.

The establishment, which seats 24, is already taking full advantage of Twitter and Facebook to share press clippings, most of which are in Dutch. Tomorrow, there will be a report about the Amsterdam Pyongyang Begonia Restaurant on Dutch TV, featuring no doubt the singing waitresses.

The above ditty “Chukbae” (“Cheers”) could just as easily be used to accompany video footage of some of North Korea‘s glorious latest accomplishments. As it stands, the new restaurant is bound to become a curio-stop for travelers with an interest in such matters passing through the Netherlands.

According to a report on, besides the four waitresses, there are five other North Korean staff: a GM and four cooks. The nine-course menu goes for 79 Euros.


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