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UK Mockumentary Contestant Wants to Give Kim Jong-un a Big Hug

The six finalists have been set for beActive Media‘s latest Digital Comedy LAB, a program that seeks to encourage budding UK and Irish YouTube mockumentary makers. Among this group is the North Korea-flavored entry Embracing Kim.

Should its pitcher Ted Wilkes, Sports Participation Coordinator at the University of Bristol, become a winner of 50,000 pounds, he plans to use part of those funds to pay for a straight-faced trip to Pyongyang. The five-minute project teaser of course has no DPRK footage, but it is still hilariously promising.

If Wilkes is successful, he will be following in the demented footsteps of Mads Brügger, whose Red Chapel feature mockumentary found great acclaim a few years ago. Here’s what lanky film grad Wilkes  recently told his Alma Mater about Embracing Kim:

“The idea is that we believe a simple hug will show the new leader the real affection the western world has for him, thus ending the hostility he’s likely to feel towards the outside world.”

“Should the pitch be successful then we will visit the embassy in Ealing disguised as a council flat, practice our cuddling at a top London cuddle party and get into North Korea any way that we can. Once there we will masquerade as a bunch of dim-witted pro-Democratic People’s Republic of Korea tourists who just want to give Kim a cuddle. It’s a far-fetched plan, but that’s the beauty of the mockumentary genre.”

The two Digital Medial LAB winners (one from the UK, one from Ireland) will be announced May 31. Here’s hoping Wilkes and collaborator Chris Richards bag one of the prizes.

Update – 06/02/12: A big congrats to Wilkes & Richards, as they have been crowned UK champs of this year’s competition.

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