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North Korea Travelogue, with a Twist

There are more and more videos being posted to YouTube by travelers who have taken the DPRK package tour. Including, as I wrote about previously, an extensive share by a Pennsylvania father and son.

Today, there is a new 15-minute bus ride peak into North Korea, courtesy of user jteig. What makes this one special is that it has, interspersed into the footage, some great female-monotone English language narration as well as trademark wind-and-or-horn-instrument musical accompaniment. Of the kind we’ve all become used to hearing in official DPRK PR. (If NK ever adds Siri to its cell phone services, this is potentially the gal for the job.)

Jteig took the trip in April 2012. If you’re into this kind of stuff, there are a number of shorter videos also, covering everything from the DMZ to the arcade room at Pyongyang‘s one and only pub. To see a list of those, click here.

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