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The Father’s Day Buck Stops Here

For the first time in a long time, a father is not in power in North Korea as we get ready to celebrate cologne, ties and golf’s latest U.S. Open champ.

At least not that we know of. There was actually a report a few months ago that Kim Jong-un secretly fathered a child. But on this Father’s Day weekend, it will not matter whether this is true. Nor will citizens be debating last year’s claims that Kim Jong-un‘s maternal grandfather was a traitor.

As I blogged at this time last year, in good old DPRK, “Every Day is Father’s Day.” Meaning that today, tomorrow and beyond, Kim Jong-un will be hailed as anything but a “young man,” the term somewhat hilariously chosen by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this week. (As an aside, KJu will also continue the strange CubaNK fondness for photo-opps of their leaders wearing anything but a tie.)

On this Father’s Day weekend, North Korea is still miles removed from a brand new bag. However, if the latest dynastic dude with the moniker of “Kim” did observe our Western patriarchal holiday (first celebrated in Spokane, Washington in 1910), the gift at the top of his list would not be a luxury item or signed NBA basketball. Rather, Bachelor Leader would be most thrilled with a rocket… that works.


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  1. Sandrar says:

    North Korea is the last Stalinist state on earth, and in 2006 it became the latest country to join the nuclear club.

    Over the past two decades, it has swung between confrontation and inch-by-inch conciliation with South Korea, its neighbor, and the United States. It’s an oscillation that seems to be driven both by its hard-to-fathom internal political strains and by an apparent belief in brinksmanship as the most effective form of diplomacy .

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