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The Royal Wedding That Never Was

How in the world did North Korea blow by this perfect domestic PR opportunity?

Granted, Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol-joo is not quite Prince William and Kate. Still, the fact that the DPRK skipped over the potential of a nationally broadcast Pyongyang wedding-for-the-ages boggles the mind.

North Korea‘s new couple even has the perfect phonetics for a short-form tabloid name – “KimRi.” Rhymes with kimchee, which is even better – a spicy union for a country that scrounges, when it can, for spicy cabbage.

In this 100th anniversary year of Kim Il Sung‘s birth, North Korea made a very big deal about a rocket that never rose and then deprived itself of the biggest non-military/nuke self-promotion opportunity in the country’s history. It makes no sense.

Then again, in a country with what is no doubt one of the lowest per-capita ratios of wedding planners, perhaps this is just not part of the collective group think. Although SK intel think the pair may have actually married in 2009, a re-do would have cemented 2012 as a strong and personally prosperous year.


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