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Robert Park: Unplugged

The best antidote to today’s latest ridiculous KCNA news release about the “crimes” of an American detainee is the music of former DPRK captive Robert Park.

Given what Park has endured, it’s remarkable he can walk and talk, let alone pour his heart into more than a dozen very arresting guitar-vocal compositions. His is a remarkably tenacious spirit, seemingly renewed and ready for the next challenges of his ongoing activist mission.


While Euna Lee opted after release for Columbia University documentary filmmaking school and Laura Ling found a new home at E!, Park is staying closest to the North Korean cause. After a handful of media interviews and appearances at human rights rallies, he has moved on to a compelling new DPRK forum. The demo collection kicks off with the rousing anthem “I Am But a Child.” Other compositions include “Avalanche of Love” and “Memory of a Dream.”

Almost three years to the day since Park willingly walked into a DPRK nightmare on Christmas Day 2009, he sings this holiday season with a powerful, poetic heart. His unshakable faith has led him to skirt martyrdom in favor of musicianship. As such, it’s a wonder to behold.

Bookmark, listen and enjoy.


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