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The Phonetics of a Fearsome DPRK Leader

Some Web typos make no sense, while others inject unintended Onion-like humor into the proceedings. A great example of the latter occurred this week on The Huffington Post UK.


It’s amazing what one slip to the keyboard-left by deputy news editor Paul Vale briefly accomplished here. Instead of the harsh headline phonetics of Kim, it’s the kinder, gentler moniker of Jim. The leader of North Korea suddenly sounds more like a suburban next-door-neighbor who threatens “war” over malfunctioning sprinklers and dog poop, but really, everyone knows it’s never going to lead to anything. It’s the perfect Anglicized name for one of the geo-political world’s most tiresome equivalents of “Get off my lawn!”

Something tells me that if over the years the U.S. had been threatened by the successive leadership of Jim Il Sung, Jim Jong-il and Jim Jong-un, they would have been much more able to take North Korea ultimatums at face value.

A similar argument could be made for the country’s preferred acronym, as the sound of DPRJ seems to fit the malfunctioning nation a little better than DPRK.


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