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No Sign of Dennis Rod-mun on NBA Hall of Famer’s Official Website

The webmaster for Dennis Rodman‘s official website is missing a golden opportunity. As media the world over continue to wrestle with The Worm‘s recent visit to North Korea, the News section on at press time is woefully out of date.

There’s no hint of Rodman’s points in the Pyongyang paint or CocaCola-can trade efforts. Instead, all we get is a dead-linked December 19 item about Rodman endorsing a Mayan doomsday-themed Facebook game called Armageddon Slots. Talk about lagging behind the wrong doomsday.


The “Dennis Rod-mun” reference in the headline is stolen from Twitter parody account @KimJongNumberUn. Although the individual behind this goof has greatly slowed their tweet-frequency in 2013, he-she still had a couple of humdingers about Rodman:



Along with North Korea and The Vatican, a quick trip to Caracas would definitely have sealed the trifecta deal.

Let’s hope that as the air date for Rodman‘s portion of the HBOVICE documentary series that sent him to the DPRK gets closer, the website Video section will offer more than Celebrity Apprentice footage. In the meantime, it’s tantalizing to think how the 2011 NBA Hall of Fame inductee might be able to follow up his current children’s book Wild Bull if he chooses to expand upon the realm recently explored in N is for North Korea by Texas-based author Trevor Eissler.


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