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Kim Jong-un Continues to Take a Page from The Donald

It suddenly hit me the other day: Kim Jong-un is Donald Trump. He brands everything with his name; likes to shout “You’re a sea of fire!” across the DMZ conference table at South Korea; and everything about him, in the celebrity-leader culture of the DPRK, screams apprentice.

Jong-un sits atop an evil empire that might as well be a reality TV show. Winners get to live in Pyongyang; losers wind up in the gulag.


Every single bit of presented truth is rigged, just like reality TV. The only difference today is that the dates on some of the endless Rodong Sinmun blather bear a stamp that in fact all items should: April Fool’s Day.

Missing right now from the Peninsula Donald mix – and it’s perhaps only a matter of time – is the official, verified Kim Jong-un Twitter account. Once that comes to pass, Young Son can get into his own social media curse-wars a la Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell and Trump vs. Bill Maher, ridiculing perhaps to start some of his harshest media critics.

All this of course came into further analogous focus recently thanks to a visit from The Worm, a contestant on Season 8 of The Celebrity Apprentice. Tattoos on through, Dennis Rodman is the walking, semi-talking epitome of pro forma reality TV. He went to Pyongyang to foolishly front several nauseating episodes of I’m DPR-OK, He’s DPR-OK. Predictably, the global ratings were huge, so be prepared for more from where that came from.


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