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Robert Park Continues to Write, Sing About ‘Forgotten Genocide’

At press time, two people have cast a “thumbs down” vote on YouTube for former U.S. North Korean detainee Robert Park‘s new music video “Indifference.” I’m not sure how that’s possible, but then again, those two thumbs-down also represent a key aspect of non-North Korean society: freedom of speech.

And in a strange way, maybe the North Korean authorities look at what Park is doing now, post-release, and worry that if they allow current captive Kenneth Bae to depart, more of the same will be volleyed their way.

That is not to suggest that Park should stop what he is doing, of course. By his own courageous choice, this brave activist is doing more publicly for the North Korean human rights cause than Laura Ling, Euna Lee and Aijalon Mahli Gomes combined. Along with the above video, posted July 3rd, he also has an article in the July/August issue of Foreign Affairs:

It is time for the global community to fundamentally reassess policy on North Korea to focus on the unparalleled humanitarian and human rights emergency unfolding in the country today.

The good news is the UN in Geneva has officially begun a 2013 inquiry into this matter. With voices like Park‘s added to the growing mix, let’s hope the genocide in North Korea becomes a little less forgotten with each passing day.


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