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Dennis Rodman: That Kenneth Bae Tweet Did Not Come from Me

Be sure to watch the excellent HuffPostLive interview conducted yesterday by Marc Lamont Hill with Dennis Rodman. It’s a wide-ranging and articulate half-hour during which Rodman touches on everything from Lamar Odom‘s sad current travails to gay players in the NBA to his current relationship with his kids. And, of course, North Korea.

At one point, Hill brought up a May 7th, 2013 tweet sent out via @DennisRodman [click to enlarge]:


To which Rodman offered up a candid and vivid reminder that more than one pair of hands often guide a celebrity’s social media imprint. “I didn’t send that,” he insisted. “I think one of my people sent that. When I saw that, I got pissed… I said, ‘I’m not this diplomat.'”

However, later on in the interview, Rodman did promise Hill that if-when he next speaks with or meets Kim Jong-un, he will personally broach the Kenneth Bae matter if it’s still in play. “I’ll just ask it in the way, ‘Marshall, why is this guy held hostage?’ I could say it like that, and then try and soften it up that way.”

U.S. representative Robert King was scheduled to travel to Pyongyang this weekend to try and secure Bae‘s release. But in the latest example of flip-flop DPRK brinksmanship, the visit was canceled at the last minute by North Korea.


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