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The 12 Days of DPRK Christmas

They don’t do Christmas carols in North Korea. Even if Christianity were no longer outlawed, there remains at the end of 2013 very little for the country’s citizens to be joyful about.

Which leaves the holiday-themed protest song. Something like, say, “The 12 Days of DPRK” – hummed quietly and cumulatively, whenever the NK Man is looking the other way.

SouthKoreaBorderChristmasTreet“On the twelfth day of DPRK, my true love gave to me:

12 Statues Smiling

11 Palaces Gleaming

10 Bribes-a-Brewing

9 Rods Radiating

8 Jang Aides Dying

7 Spies-a-Spying

6 Squad Soldiers Firing

5 Unicorns Standing

4 Fake Floats Motoring

3 Defectors Defecting

2 Brothers Hiding

And a Rodman in a jersey.

[Pictured: Christmas carolers singing in South Korean border town of Gimpo.]

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