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North Korea’s Best, Brightest Rewarded with ‘Ski Camping’

Is it really possible to be “boundlessly happy” in North Korea? When the narrative is being written by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), absolutely.

Under the headline “Boundlessly Happy Ski Campers,” the February 21st item makes no mention of the camps the DPRK is most famous for and this week’s news about a damning United Nations human rights report. Instead, the focus is on some fortunate students and pupils chosen to enjoy VIP ski camping at the country’s brand new Masikryong Ski Resort.


Like many bits of KCNA English translation, the expression “ski camping” is not quite right. Although it brings to mind something of a cross-country, pitch-a-tent-and-move-on through the forest kind of trek, that’s not the case. These slaloming academics are stationed at the resort hotel proper, and are being rewarded by Kim Jong-un with first-access to the field trip experience:

Pak Sol Ju, a student of Pyongyang University of Architecture, said: “I am the happiest one in the world for enjoying ski camping at the resort. The resort makes me refreshed and inspires new ideas to me. I will become a world-famous architect in the future.”

Han Kwang Ryong, a teacher of Kim Il Sung University, said: “I was privileged to move to a new apartment built for educators of the university and now enjoy ski camping ahead of others thanks to the loving care shown by the Marshal. Truly speaking, I am blessed with all happiness.”

Another interesting tidbit from the KCNA item is that the guide map for the Masikryong Ski Resort was created by students at Ju’s school.

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