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On April 26th, 2009, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times foreign correspondent Nicholas Kristof tweeted that there was “No Twitter page yet” for Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the Current TV reporters detained a month earlier by an opportunistic North Korean regime.

Journalist-editor Richard Horgan (@FishbowlNY, @FilmStew) read the tweet and – motivated by both a personal interest in the case and a  direct Twitter connection to Ling – decided to take up Kristof‘s informal challenge. As a result, @LiberateLaura and this companion blog were born.

In the Ling sisters’ 2010 book Somewhere Inside, Lisa makes kind mention of the author’s blogging efforts on pages 120-121. Laura meanwhile recently chatted with the author about her 2012 summer sit-down with Bill Clinton for an E! Investigates look at famous people’s experiences with high school bullying.

The author was quoted in a December 24th, 2011 International Business Times article “North Korean Propagandists Say Kim Jong-un Planned South Korea Attacks.” Other related press clippings include an op ed in the Herald de Paris (May 19th, 2009), an interview with The Huffington Post (August 4th, 2009) and a December 2012 report about the premiere of Euna Lee’s Columbia University Master’s documentary The Translator.

The author maintains a second North Korea-related Twitter account, @LiberateNK, that focuses on the reports and related coverage of DPRK human rights abuses. It is astounding that, post-Nazi holocaust, the international community has allowed North Korea to persecute its people through a gulag that is by all indications as horrific.

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13 Responses

  1. As a longtime friend of the sisters Ling, I thank you for your continued efforts to educate and inform the public on Laura and Euna’s plight. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  2. Saskia says:

    indeed, you have been amazing in this.

  3. Mordecai says:

    Today I’m praying that, there will be a release, and that Laura and Euna will be free, and that like Moses have commanded the Pharoah “Let My People Go!!!” I pray that the North Korean dictator will have fear of the Lord and come to Christ! We want the people of North Korea to be free! We pray for all people in North Korea to be delivered. Jesus shine your light upon North Korea even now.

  4. Thank you so much for your efforts!

  5. This is really bad. We are in support of independent journalism and North Korea need to release their report on the 12-year verdict and let the world know why they arrived in in such absurd sentence. I hope the real truth of the matter be known to all.

  6. Richard provided the image above for use on our posters at the San Francisco vigil. I think it’s a fantastic design and really helped make an impact. I hope some people who saw the signs traveled to this site to get informed and find out ways they could help. A million thanks.

    – Sean Donovan

  7. There is nothing so humbling and gripping at the end of a day than to once again remember these two lovely ladies, journalists, sisters, mothers, Americans and humanitarians are stuck in a prison cell. I choose my words carefully, for I do believe that diplomacy is and will be the only way out of this. I don’t think we’ll get anywhere throwing stones. I am not especially religious but I do pray not only for their safety and quick release, but peace of mind, proper sustenance, breaks, the ability to see the sun and a bird each day. It breaks my heart. And I will fly with their release.

  8. StephersLA says:

    thanks for staying so on top of the situation. you’re my only source for up-to-date news on Euna and Laura.

  9. myfoxmystere says:

    Kim Jong-un is going to provoke the restarting of the Korean War in an effort to hide the sins he’s committed-is committing. Let’s hope that “Creampuff” Obama gets Euna and Laura out before Kim Jong-un turns them into his concubines!

  10. […] to what some others did like Kevin DeSoto and Richard Horgan I did very little.  But on Tuesday, August 4 I joined them, the rest of the movement and the […]

  11. served4u2befree says:

    Dearest Richard,
    A heart filled thanks for making the personal wholly political and profoundly human. In the faithful tradition of my heritage it is said that you save a life (or two) you save the world. Thank you for connecting others in shared purpose and meaning to save a life and the world for me and you.
    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Haran Caplan, Teacher, Oklahoma USA, LTC USA (retired)

    • liberatelaura says:

      If the eloquence of this note is any indication, those who were your students over the years must have been very lucky individuals indeed. I humbly accept your heartfelt compliments. Thanks.

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