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Before Dennis Rodman, There Was to Be: Ted Wilkes

Two years ago, I wrote about of a pair of British filmmakers who won a competition to make Embracing Kim, a mockumentary about North Korea. Recently, I wondered what had become of the project.



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UK Mockumentary Contestant Wants to Give Kim Jong-un a Big Hug

The six finalists have been set for beActive Media‘s latest Digital Comedy LAB, a program that seeks to encourage budding UK and Irish YouTube mockumentary makers. Among this group is the North Korea-flavored entry Embracing Kim.


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Time for Some North Korean #Linsanity?

It’s no secret that Kim Jong-il and successor Kim Jong-un were-are huge NBA fans. Now that a player of Chinese-Taiwanese lineage is tearing it up in the only city with U.S.-based North Korean diplomats, is there a bargaining chip to be considered here?


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Thirteen Days of Mourning

In North Korea, the official 13-day period of mourning for Kim Jong-il continues through December 29, the day after his funeral. If they sang Christmas carols in the DPRK, an old standard could have easily been reworked to pay tribute to the Dearly Departed Leader. Especially since he remains eternally able to subjugate Mother Nature:

On the first day of mourning,
my Leader sent to me
A Manchurian crane in melancholy


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Don’t Sweat the Nuclear Stuff

If Kim Jong-il were to ever pass on a dictator’s self-help guide to his succeeding son Kim Jong-un, it could very easily be titled Don’t Sweat the Nuclear Stuff. Think of it as the Juche version of Richard Carlson, author of perennial best-seller Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, who passed away in 2006 at the early age of 46.


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